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Model Mania: “Edgy” or Over the Edge?

mspencers Icon Posted by Miranda Spencer

September 22nd, 2006

The photo shoots of the new contestants in the season premier of “America’s Next Top Model” are disturbing.

As you’ll see if you visit the CW network’s website, these images depict the very young, would-be models in scenes glamorizing anorexia, bulimia, and necrophilia (or something…) as well as sleezy porn. Not to mention bimbosity and spoiled bitchiness. One photo even seems to pit a sex object against a prim career woman. Whose fantasies are these, Dov Charney’s?

We all know modeling isn’t exactly a feminist occupation, but lately it’s being revealed as downright abusive. See also this piece on desperately thin models in The New York Times‘ Thursday Styles section.

Enough drek. Next week I’ll turn readers on to some women-made eco-media worth looking at.

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