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Best of WIMN’s Voices: August, 2006

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

December 30th, 2006

Still with me, are you? We’re at the half-way point of the WIMN’s Voices Year In Review, so prepare to devour the best of August, 2006. (For the Best of July and links to other months’ roundups, see my previous post.)

August, 2006 WIMN’s Voices Archive, complete archive.

Best of WIMN’s Voices, August, 2006:

Controversial Content Gets Google Ads Pulled
Miranda Spencer, Aug. 3

FIRE broadcasts women’s perspectives on Middle East conflicts
Maria Suarez Toro, Aug. 3

Using Cancer to Form “Deep Emotional Bonds” With Corporations
Diane Farsetta, Aug. 4

WIMN’s Voices Blogger Andi Zeisler profiled in New York Times Sunday Magazine
Jennifer L. Pozner, Aug. 7

What’s Hot and What’s Not
Miranda Spencer, Aug. 10

WIMN’s Voices bloggers are “Really Hot”, Real Hot 100 makes waves in Canada and Real Hot 100 women (and POWER Sources) to be interviewed on ABC News NOW
Jennifer L. Pozner, Aug. 11, 13 and 21

Action Alert: Tell the A.P. drugging and raping a child is not “having sex”Jennifer L. Pozner, Aug. 17

How to sell sex to progressives: An American Apparel not-so-much-love story and Radio Interview: Indy press stands strong against censorious, sexist “progressive” corporation
Keely Savoie and Jennifer L. Pozner, Aug. 21

Dog: The Bounty Hunter Takes on Women
Silja Talvi, Aug. 22

Women Speaking Out about the Violence in the Middle East
Lucinda Marshall, Aug. 23

Latest Threat To Marriage: “Career Girls”
Keely Savoie, Aug. 23

Project Plus Size, and other Bravo observations
Paula Kamen, Aug. 23

A word of advice: Don’t marry misogynists (or trust their sloppy news copy) - Part I, Open letter to Slate: Jack Shafer insults women, wonders why women are insulted, and Action Alert: Thank ABC News for Forbes critique
Jennifer L. Pozner, Aug. 24 and 25

“Pregnancy Porn” critiqued in Glamour
Paula Kamen, Aug. 26

Tits and Ass Boost Military Morale
Lucinda Marshall, Aug. 27

On Katrina’s anniversary, compare corporate and indy media coverage
Jennifer L. Pozner, Aug. 28

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