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Best of WIMN’s Voices: June, 2006

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

December 30th, 2006

The following are some of the most critical, challenging, funny and enlightening blog entries our writers posted to WIMN’s Voices during June, 2006. (See my previous post for Best of May, 2006, plus a link to April’s best.)

June, 2006 WIMN’s Voices Archive, complete archive.

Best of WIMN’s Voices, June, 2006:

Bad girls, bad girls, whatchu gonna do?
Silja Talvi, June 1

Newsweek to Unmarried Women: Whoops! We Were Wrong
Andi Zeisler, June 2

Real Simple at Vanguard
Paula Kamen, June 6

Keeping abreast of the issues
Keely Savoie, June 7

Green, Lite: The Final Installment
Miranda Spencer, June 9

Mothers Who Kill
Mary Johnson, June 13

New York Post “Newspaper” writes rape wrong and “Newspaper” has zero “journalistic ethics”
Keely Savoie and Jennifer L. Pozner, June 15

So Long, President Allen! Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the ERA!
Andi Zeisler, June 15

Imprisoning Women in their Homes Does Not Make Them Safe
Lucinda Marshall, June 16

Where the Bad Girls Go
Silja Talvi, June 22

P&G, Get Out of My Media
Diane Farsetta, June 22

Women, In the Shadows
Silja Talvi, June 25

Femicide as a Human Interest Story
Lucinda Marshall, June 25

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