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Liveblogging from BlogHer, the women bloggers conference

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

July 27th, 2007

Liveblogging from BlogHer, the women bloggers conference:

In just the first few hours of BlogHer, I’ve been inspired and informed on a variety of issues from feminist political blogging to the personal power of the “mommy bloggers” movement, from bloggers as citizen journalists to bloggers as social justice fundraisers, and more.

So far, a highlight of day one for me so far was hearing WebGrrls dynamo Nelly Yusuopova, who I first met as a fellow “Real Hot 100″ awardee last summer, conduct one of the most effective conference panel/workshop sessions I’ve ever attended. Her focus was helping women create a blog design plan to most effectively reach readers, serve your target audience (in the cases of non-profits, your constituency), create a rewarding experience for loyal, return visitors, and serve your mission through your blog. Nelly’s focus was technical but avoided jargon, and offered practical design strategies and solutions for people working with different levels of tech savvy, budgetary resources and time.

And, of course, I enjoyed our informal women-and-media lunch table, where I was able to talk shop about women and media with a woman working to create a new world conference on women in partnership with the United Nations, talked shop (and continued to discuss potential collaborations) with Adele Stan of American Forum’s National Women’s Editorial Board, vented spleen with a woman who heads her midwestern state’s Code Pink chapter, and heard about the experiences of a CEO of an online women’s entrereneurial website. And that was just in the first half hour of lunch!

Cindy Samuels, a fellow WAMmer (for those not in that loop, a WAMmer is a member of the Women, Action and Media conference and/or listserv community) is currently doing a media training workshop for women bloggers as I type this, but she shooed me away saying that since I conduct media trainings for women’s groups on behalf of Women In Media & News, I already know everything she’s planning to say. She and I are now talking about collaborating to create some sort of joint media training workshop between Cindy and WIMN.

Meanwhile, you can find a variety of women’s conference liveblogging posts here.

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