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Broadcast Journalism Reduced to Reality TV

cmartins Icon Posted by Courtney Martin

August 23rd, 2007

In Fox’s new reality television series Anchorwoman, viewers will have the opportunity to watch as former Miss New York Lauren Jones tries her best to hike ratings at a Tyler, Texas TV station (KYTX Channel 19) with her good looks and total dearth of broadcast journalism experience.

I can’t begin to imagine how offensive such a ploy is to the women who have been in the field for decades, dealing with all the usual “lose five pounds” crap thrown at any female forced to make a living on the screen. The stories about discrimination based on appearance and good old fashioned sexism and racism from some of the most successful women in the business–Connie Chung, Diane Sawyer, even (all hail the queen) Oprah–are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many stories that never get told because women bite their tongues or leave the cut throat business of broadcast news altogether. Now we have a reality television show brought to us by our favorite misogynists, that will ostensibly turn back the clock with regards to public opinion. Watch the pretty girl try to report the news with no formal training! It might not be accurate, but she sure is cute! Vomit.

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