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Birthday musings from a media critic

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

August 30th, 2007

So, it’s my birthday today. I’ve never been one to try to hide my age (33), and I don’t dare say 33 feels old (it doesn’t, actually), lest Jessica Valenti yell at me again for thinking I’m aging out of the “young feminist” demo.

What with reminders from Friendster, MySpace and auto-remind alerts on Blackberries, a slew of WIMN’s Voices readers, Women In Media & News supporters and, of course, friends have been remembering my birthday — aw, shucks… — and emailing with happy birthday greetings. Many of you have asked if I want anything particular for a birthday present, and I’ve mostly said that just knowing you’re all out there fighting the good fight is present enough. I mean, I’d like MSNBC to replace Joe Scarborough with Jeff Cohen or Maria Hinojosa, CNN to give Laura Flanders her own daily news program, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to finally remember that women other than Angelina Jolie can actually make decent (and funny) talk show guests. But none of those things are likely to happen before my next birthday…

But then it dawned on me. Of course there’s something I want for my birthday — I want to continue to fight for media justice for women for another year. I want to continue to host and edit WIMN’s Voices and bring you the provocative, informative analysis you’ve come to expect from our bloggers; I want to keep helping journalists and producers increase the diversity and quantity of women’s voices appearing in the public debate. I want to train more women, youth and activists of color in media outreach, strategic communications and media activism techniques. I want to bring all of you even more fabulous, cutting-edge commentary by adding new bloggers to this forum. And ideally, by my next birthday, I’d love to have another person working on WIMN’s staff alongside me.

Since Women In Media & News is a small, low-budget operation, the only way I can keep this work going is with your continued help. So, if you emailed and asked what I’d like for my birthday (and, hey, even if you didn’t): the best birthday present I could possibly get would be for everyone who values WIMN’s work — from this blog, to our media trainings, to our advocacy journalism, to our POWER Sources Project and more — to support WIMN today. Clicking on that link will bring you to a number of options, from donating online to giving us something from our organization wish list (which includes small items like office supplies to our most pressing need: leads on free office space in Brooklyn or Manhattan).

Two other easy ways to support WIMN include:

  • – Buying books from Chicago’s independent bookstore Women & Children First before Sept. 1 and writing “I support WIMN” in the online order form — as their organization of the month, the bookstore will be donating 10% of all purchases from WIMN supporters directly to us, as I wrote the other day. (Visit my previous post for a long list of books by WIMN’s Voices bloggers that W&CF has in stock — or order any book you like from them.)
  • – Using “GoodSearch” as your primary search engine, and designating Women In Media & News as your chosen organization. Every time you search, WIMN will get one penny. Considering that thousands of you read WIMN’s Voices every day, if every one of our readers used GoodSearch even five times per day, we could raise more than $50,000 each year to support WIMN’s programs!

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