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“Promise me you can’t tell anybody about this”

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

September 21st, 2007

Leave it to “The Daily Show” to offer one of the best comments I’ve seen so far about the exploitation of children on CBS’s “Kid Nation,” the reality show which featured children as young as eight years old attempting to build some sort of psuedo-society in the New Mexico desert without adult aid or supervision (except, of course, for the off-camera/unseen video operators, producers and directors who, as reported by the New York Times, were “warned by the state attorney general’s office while the show was being taped last spring that they might be violating the state’s child-labor laws”).

Over clips of kids sobbing, “I think I’m too young to be doing this!”, Jon Stewart quipped that CBS’s original title for the show was “Roman Polanski’s Kid Nation” (have I mentioned that I love any swipe that reminds people that the fetted filmmaker is actually still a fugative criminal child rapist?). But Stewart saved his most biting comment for the end of the segment, noting that “Kid Nation’s” editors seemed not to have any awareness of how inappropriate it is for an adult man to demand secrecy from vulnerable children:

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