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Deeply disturbing

ksavoies Icon Posted by Keely Savoie

September 25th, 2007

New research led by a researcher from Harvard– yes, that beacon of enlightenment– claims that women are driven to procreate with men with deeper voices. This is apparently the newest piece in this ongoing investigative research because the article goes on to say:

In previous studies, they have shown that women find deeper male voices to be more attractive, judging them to be more dominant, older, healthier and more masculine sounding. And they are particularly drawn to a booming drawl when they are at the peak of fertility.

Men, on the other hand, find higher-pitch voices in women more attractive, subordinate, feminine, healthier and younger sounding.

This research, on the Hadza of Tanzania, “one of the last true hunter-gatherer cultures,” purports to show that the deeper a man’s voice is, the more offspring he sires, not just in the Hadza, but in all of humankind, because, “‘their lifestyle reflects how humans lived during much of their evolutionary history, they provide a window to our past,’ says Apicella.”

Um yeah. Not sure what is more offensive: that the Hadza are viewed as living fossils, or that this absurd conjecture qualifies as research.

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