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Mikhaela Reid cartoon slideshow at Center for New Words in Cambridge 9/28 (tonight)!

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September 27th, 2007

I’m back on my mini book tour for Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela! Next stop: Beantown (or next to it, anyway!)

  • Who: Angry cartoonists Mikhaela Reid & Masheka Wood
  • What: Slideshow/signing/discussion for Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela!: Cartoons by Mikhaela Reid w/ a foreword by Ted Rall and Deep Doodle: Cartoons by Masheka Wood!
  • When: Friday Sept. 28, 7 p.m.
  • Where: Center for New Words, 7 Temple Street, Cambridge, Mass.

“Mikhaela Reid’s cartoons are right *$%@ing on.”

– Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home

“Masheka Wood has powers way beyond mortal cartoonists. Get on his bandwagon now before there’s no room left!”

– Keith Knight, creator of The K Chronicles and th(ink)

Bushies are bum-rushing Cheney’s secret bunker! “Ex-gays” are quaking in their closets! Abstinence educators are shivering in their shiny silver purity rings! Greedy CEOs are heading for the hills! Brooklyn-based cartoonists Mikhaela Reid and Masheka Wood are on a rampage—and no hypocrite is safe! Slideshow, discussion & signing.


  • Mikhaela Reid’s cartoons have appeared in The Guardian, The Villager, Chelsea Now, The Phoenix, Bay Windows, Metro Times, In These Times, Women’s eNews, Ms., Funny Times, Campus Progress and Bitch. In 2006, Reid was named one of the Girls in Government/Feministing “Real Hot 100″ and was featured in the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art exhibit “She Draws Comics: A Century of Women Cartoonists.” Ted Rall calls Reid “an insurgent cartoonist: smart, irrepressible and unpredictable.” (www.mikhaela.net)
  • Masheka Wood grew up in Boston where he was warped by MAD, Night Flights, Garbage Pail Kids and Tex Avery cartoons. His lettering, cartoon and illustration work has appeared on MTV and in UVC (Urban Voice of Comics) magazine and The New Standard. Wood’s cartoons were featured in a recent exhibit in Jackson State University, “Other Heroes: African American comics creators, characters, and archetypes.” He was also a 2007 Glyph Award nominee for black cartoonist “rising star”. (www.whatmashekadid.com)

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