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Deliver Us From Dick

lmarshalls Icon Posted by Lucinda Marshall

October 23rd, 2007

The cover of the October 29 issue of Newsweek has two headlines, side by side that illustrate with unfortunate perfection the frame we are given when it comes to whether or not to vote for a woman. The first headline reads “Hillary’s Secrets” (remember this is Newsweek, not the National Inquirer) and right next to it is one that says, “Cheney & Deliverance.”

Now while I’m sure that it would be far more appropriate, not to mention respectful to refer to both of them by their last names, I have to confess that I would kill to have them write “Dick and Deliverance” or maybe “Deliver us from Dick.” And whether or not the Senator from New York should be President is another matter, and I’m certainly no fan, but the perpetual misogynist disrepecting of her candidacy by the media should leave no doubt that running for office while female is still, sadly a major challenge.

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