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Other News on the Day Anna Nicole Died

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

October 30th, 2007

Last February, when broadcast and cable news decided that the death of codger-marrying model and former reality TV trainwreck Anna Nicole Smith was the single most newsworthy story they could possibly think to report, media critics here on WIMN’s Voices and throughout the blogosphere noted the lunacy of journalists and pundits ignoring war, global unrest, the economic downturn and all manner of social, political and international affairs in favor of milking for ratings the demise of an unbalanced centerfold-turned-national-joke.

While that isn’t news to regular readers of this blog, this new animated run-down of stories the media failed to cover on the day Anna Nicole died illustrates why Britney Spears’ motherhood foibles score endless national news attention while the nuclear disarmament of North Korea, not so much. Leave it to our pal Bob Harris (author of Who Hates Whom: Well-Armed Fanatics, Intractable Conflicts, and Various Things Blowing Up — A Woefully Incomplete Guide) to give us a wry critique of the profit motives of corporate media that packs in equal amounts of ire, wit and handy-dandy nuggets of useful information we might have gotten from the news, but didn’t. Check it out:

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