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Celebrating Falsies

dfarsettas Icon Posted by Diane Farsetta

December 7th, 2007

No, not that kind… The Falsies Awards, the Center for Media and Democracy’s very tongue-in-cheek annual look at the worst polluters of our information environment.

I had great fun writing up this year’s awards. Maybe you can tell:

Falsies Awards winners must stop by CMD’s office in Madison, Wisconsin, to collect their prizes. This year’s winners will receive a pair of Groucho Marx glasses, to obscure your real identity; the Online Deception Kit, comprised of a sock, buttons and thread, to make your own puppet; and a five-gallon bucket of Mr. Flack’s Special Greenwash Paint (warning: may not look green upon closer examination)!

With so many stellar nominees and few clear trends in the survey results, deciding on this year’s winners was no easy task. Our panel of judges awarded the coveted Gold Falsie to two belligerent groups. The Silver and Bronze Falsies recognize spinners of environmental and health issues, respectively. Dishonorable mentions go to drug pushers, troop users and reporter wanna-be’s. And thanks to the survey participants for nominating many worthy recipients for our Readers’ Choice and Win Against Spin Awards!

Among this year’s “winners” is the International Formula Council, “for portraying accurate health information as alarmism and intrusive marketing campaigns as ‘freedom’ — not to mention helping to keep U.S. breastfeeding rates well below those of European countries.”

You can read the full run-down here: “The Fakest Time of the Year: The 2007 Falsies Awards.”

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