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Sat - Sun, Meet several WIMN folk at WAM, and Mon., meet Pozner at MIT

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March 29th, 2008

Opportunity for Boston area folks: This weekend through Monday there will be several chances to meet Women In Media & News’s staff, board and bloggers at the WAM!2008 conference today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday), as well the next day (Monday) at MIT, where I will be speaking about reality TV as cultural backlash against women at MIT (details below).

I’ve posted about the WAM!2008 (the Women, Action & Media) conference before, as I have for the past four years, so this isn’t an invitation to register — there are approximately 600 attendees at this fifth annual conference, twice the number from just two years ago. But since we know many WAMmers are also WIMN readers, in case you’re seeing this, I’d love to invite you to find, hang out with and attend sessions led by WIMN-folk, including:

I only have time to note the IDs of WIMN folks, please scan to the bottom of this page for full bios)

Sat., 11am:
Feminist Blogs: Activism, Journalism or Masochism?
Jennifer Pozner, WIMN’s Executive Director
Veronica (Roni) Arreola, WIMN’s board of directors
Deanna Zandt
Liza Sabater

Saturday, March 29th 2:00pm-3:30pm:
Writing a Book Proposal that Sells
Deborah Siegel
Courtney E. Martin (a WIMN’s Voices blogger)
Amy Caldwell
Laura Mazer

Saturday, March 29th 4:00pm-5:30pm:
Battling Backlash: Strategies for Fighting Back, Rising Above and Making Progress
Jessica Valenti (a WIMN’s Voices blogger)
Miriam Zoila Perez
Patti Binder
Carmen Van Kerckhove

Media, Technology & Social Justice: Preparing for and Shaping the Future
Marie Celestin
Yawu Miller
Cara Lisa Powers
Aliza Dichter, WIMN’s board of directors

Stereotyping and Typecasting in Reality Television
Terra Renton
Andi Zeisler (a WIMN’s Voices blogger)

Sunday, March 30th 9:00am-10:30am:
Strategies for Making Change: Models for Progressive Feminist Media Action
Jennifer Pozner, WIMN’s Executive Director
Anne Elizabeth Moore (a WIMN’s Voices blogger)
Betty Yu
DeAnne Cuellar

Here We Go Again: Bad Stories About Women that Never Die
Caryl Rivers (a WIMN’s Voices blogger)
Dr. Rosalind Barnett

Growing Independent Media in a Time of Shrinking Resources
Debbie Rasmussen
Andi Zeisler (a WIMN’s Voices blogger)
Jen Angel
Nancy Gruver

Raising Women’s Voices/Building Women’s Power: Collaborative Approaches to Strategic Communications for Social Justice?
Ellen Braune
Deepa Fernandes
Makani Themba-Nixon (a WIMN’s Voices blogger)
Debra Cole

(below is the write-up from MIT)

“Bachelor Babes, Bridezillas, and Husband-Hunting Harems: Decoding Reality TV’s Twisted Fairy Tales”
a multimedia lecture presntation with Jennifer L. Pozner, Executive Director of Women In Media & News

Monday, March 31st, 7pm
A conversation with Jennifer L. Pozner for students interested in Women Producing Media, and concerned about representations of Girls and Women in the Media. Hosted by the MIT grad-feminists and the Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) student advisory board. Dinner will be served: RSVP to wgs@mit.edu.

Dinner Conversation
5 - 6 pm
Building 14E - 304 (email heidy@mit.edu for info, not sure if this dinner is open to public)

Public Talk: “Bachelor Babes, Bridezillas, and Husband-Hunting Harems: Decoding Reality TV’s Twisted Fairy Tales.”
7 - 8:30 pm
Building 1 - 390
Co-sponsored by MIT’s SLIPPAGE, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies and Comparative Media Studies

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