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WAM! 2008 Wrap-Up

varreolas Icon Posted by Veronica Arreola

April 4th, 2008

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I attended my first WAM! conference. I was giddy with anticipation at being at a conference where so many awesome feminist bloggers would be in attendance. Unlike BlogHer 2007, this conference was promoted as pure feminism, no need to have a “fair and balanced” panel of one liberal, one conservative, and a few subject matter experts. What I wasn’t prepared for was the dichotomy between professional feminists - the journalists, book authors, and feminist celebs and the grassroots radical feminists (I have more to say about this later on my own blog). A lot has been blogged about the weekend, goods, bads, and an overall question…What the hell are we doing? What is the difference between media justice and media reform? Can you do both?

Here at WIMN, where I’m a board member, we strive to do both. It’s not easy, in fact it’s frigging hard work. Here is a snippet from our Media Justice/Media Reform about page:

Women In Media & News works to increase the presence and power of women within the grassroots movement for media justice and policy reform, while increasing understanding among feminist and women-led social justice groups that media justice is a women’s issue. WIMN builds bridges between the feminist community, the media reform and media justice movements, and the media itself through a variety of strategies…

This is a trifecta WIMN is attempting. 1) To get women’s groups to see that media is a woman’s issue, 2) To work within the media reform movement to get more women in front of the camera and behind, and 3) To work within the media justice community to really make media work for justice. The justice work does not pay the bills and it is not glamorous. WIMN works with grassroots organizations from Women for Afghan Women to help improve media coverage of Afghan, Muslim and immigrant women to the Young Women’s Empowerment Project a Chicago community based youth lead project that was founded in 2001 by a radical feminist and harm reduction based collective of women and girls involved in the sex trade and street economy and their allies, and dozens of other women-led social justice groups.

That said, I offer you up my personal, not WIMN’s, my personal round up of my live-blog and wrap-up posts:

WAM! Friday recap
WAM! - We B(e)lo(n)g: Womyn of Color & Online Feminism
WAM! - FACT-UP Fact Check, Research, & Think Critically like a Radical Librarian
WAM! - Sunday Morning Sessions
WAM! - Sunday Late Morning Sessions
WAM! - The Day After: The Good
WAM! - We B(e)lo(n)g on You Tube
WAM! - The Day After After :The Bad

If you have your own WAM! posts, please leave them in the comments for all to read and enjoy.

To all the wonderful women I met over the weekend, I dearly miss you. I hope to see you again soon. Especially the huggers…you give good hug.

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