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Cal Thomas irked by “angry black women” (same to you, buddy)

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June 20th, 2008

By Guest Blogger Faye Anderson

Faye Anderson

In a recent appearance on FOX News Channel, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas complained that black women on television are “usually angry about something”:

It’s beyond belief that a talking-head on a cable network that labeled Michelle Obama, who is married to the (Democratic nominee for president and also) father of her children, as “Obama’s baby mama” wants to know why black women are “angry.”

Since Thomas brought it up, black women are “angry” about:

* an unemployment rate that is twice that of white women
* a mortgage industry (PDF) that targeted black women with high-interest subprime loans while two U.S. senators were given cut-rate VIP loans
* a consumer credit industry (PDF) that redlines black neighborhoods
* a prison industrial complex (PDF) that criminalizes black males and mistreats women of color

Thomas doesn’t understand the impact of racial disparities. Nor is he culturally competent to distinguish passion from anger.

So with all due respect, Cal “Mister Charlie” Thomas, STFU.

Guest Blogger Faye M. Anderson is a citizen journalist, and public policy and new media consultant. Faye writes a daily blog at Anderson@Large and AOL Black Voices.

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