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WIMN’s schedule at WAM!2009 Sat & Sun

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

March 28th, 2009

If you’re one of the hundreds of people whose smiling (if sleepy) people I’m passing by in the hallways of MIT at the WAM!2009 (Women, Action & Media) conference, I want to remind you of several ways you can catch Women In Media & News (WIMN) staff members, board members and WIMN’s Voices bloggers throughout this powerful weekend.

If you have specific questions that WIMN can help you with, I’ll be available from 12:30 - 1:30 today (Saturday), and our board chair, Lisa Jervis, will be available from 1:00 - 3:00, at the WAM “Genius Bar” for short consultation sessions. The program guide says I’ll take questions on subjects including “Writing effective letters to the editor, offering persuasive commentary on TV/radio, improving strategic communications for your non-profit,” but basically whatever you want to talk about within the context of women and the media, I’ll happily go there. Lisa is described in the “Genius Bar” program as speaking to topics including “Grassroots fundraising, nonprofit management/administration, editing, founder’s syndrome, getting the best from freelance writers (for editors), working with editors (for writers).”

Today and tomorrow, there’s still a great set of options for catching WIMN at WAM! Since I want to liveblog today’s opening keynote in a minute, forgive me for just copying a bit of Thursday’s post:

This year, as in years’ past, you’ll have a variety of chances to participate in sessions organized or facilitated by WIMN’s staff (hi!, that’s me, Jennifer L. Pozner) board chair Lisa Jervis, board member Veronica Arreola, and WIMN’s Voices bloggers Diane Farsetta, Shireen Mitchell and Silja Talvi:

Saturday, March 28
11:00AM to 12:30PM
“Blogging for the Man: Challenging the Commodification of Online Communities”
WIMN’s Voices bloggers Veronica Arreola and Diane Farsetta will present along with Joanne Bamberger

2:00PM to 3:30PM
“Feminist Blogging: From Journalism to Activism in Election Years and Beyond”
WIMN board member Veronica Arreola and Executive Director Jennifer L. Pozner will present along with Kim Pearson and blogger Cynematic

4:00PM to 5:30PM
“More Than Guilty Pleasures: Sexism, Racism, Consumerism & Other Hazards of Reality TV”
WIMN’s Executive Director Jennifer L. Pozner will co-present this session with Andrea Isabel Quijada, Executive Director of the New Mexico Media Literacy Project. This session will include offer not only a look at representations of gender, race, class and consumption in reality television, but also a fun, lively media literacy activity, “Reality TV Bingo!”

“A WAM! Roundtable on the Economy: Crisis & Opportunity”
WIMN’s Voices blogger Diane Farsetta will present along with Randy Albelda, Tokumbo Bodunde and Tracy Van Slyke

Sunday, March 29
9:30AM to 11:00AM
“Women & Investigative Journalism”
WIMN’s Voices blogger Silja Talvi will present with Sarah Posner, Adele Stan and Sabrini Hersi-Issa

11:30AM to 1:00PM
“Social Media and Women of Color”
WIMN’s Voices blogger Shireen Mitchell will present with Keida-Ann Borgella and Corvida Raven

In previous years, WIMN’s staff and board have organized WAM! sessions on a range of media justice issues and feminist media activist strategies. This year, since we knew there would be a good number of such sessions organized by several of our allied organizations and media activists, we organized sessions on media content, strategic communications and new media. If you’re interested in structural change issues, do check out the full WAM! schedule and you’ll find sessions on everything from media access and ownership to Low Power FM radio to media and social movements, and more.

Those of you who are attending WAM!2009, I look forward to seeing you there — and hope you’ll attend my “reality TV bingo” session and/or the session on feminist blogging and journalism. Those of you who can’t come this year, it’s never too early to get information about next year’s conference — sign up for WAM!2010 by entering your email here.

Also, check out my partial liveblog from of the public relations skills-building workshop I presented at during yesterday’s pre-conference (I didn’t include what I presented, only what all the rest of the panelists’ offerings and audience questions).

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