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The View from Detroit: Allied Media Conference

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

July 18th, 2009

Saturday morning at the Allied Media Conference, and I’m waking up thinking about how impressive the “future is now” vibe has been at #AMC09. I can honestly say I’ve never been to as tech-savvy a conference, specifically in relation to the use of information communications technology. For example, a major highlight of last night’s keynote was a Skype video call between the hundreds of us in Detroit and media artists and activists in Johannesburg, South Africa, while a screen onstage live-scrolled audience responses texted from our individual cell phones and Twittered from our laptops. (I’ve also heard that Prometheus Radio Project was streaming the conference, but haven’t checked that out yet.)

But more importantly, this wasn’t technology for technology’s sake — no mere “look at how cool our gadgets are” — every piece of information communication technology here at the AMC has been used in intentional ways, to allow folks who couldn’t get to Detroit from all over the world to participate and offer their knowledge and insights, while also making our conversation here available through various means to anyone in the world with access to a computer. (That said, AMC participants are far from blind to digital divide issues and inaccess to technology among low-income and rural communities here and abroad — these challenges have been a topic of discussion quite often over the last few days.)

Intentionality and consciousness seems to have governed every aspect of the Allied Media Conference’s organizing process, and it has resulted in the most diverse, most encompassing roster of speakers, issues, and political and cultural events I’ve seen at any previous progressive or media activist gathering. This is what it looks like when a community-driven process starts from ground up and prioritizes media making and media advocacy not only as an important means of self-expression, but also as primary tools in our communities’ (women, people of color, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender people, low-income people, youth, disabled people, immigrants, elders) intersecting struggles for justice and transformative change.

I’ve been liveblogging off and on from the Women’s Media Equity Summit pre-conference and the AMC’s programs yesterday, and for my Tweeps (Twitter users, if you’re not familiar) out there, below is a list of all my #AMC09 posts, all in one easily-Bit.ly’able place. (Also for those who aren’t familiar, Bit.ly is a web service that shortens unwieldy, long URLs to a short, easily repostable link that never expires.)

(Twitter-ready Bit.ly’d URL for this WIMN’s Voices blog post is http://bit.ly/18NPTP)

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Join WIMN (and WIMN) at the Allied Media Conference, Friday, July 17 (This was a mistake in the program - it wasn’t a panel, it was simply a women’s caucus. I didn’t or oganize or run it, I just attended. Will go back and correct this post when I have a minute.)

…and for those of you on Twitter, my Twitter handle is @jennpozner and my tweets from the conference use the #AMC09 hashtag. I didn’t liveblog the opening keynote last night, but I did “live tweet” it — so check @jennpozner with #AMC09 for highlights from the evening.

If you’re interested in media and haven’t yet joined Twitter, consider: Lots of great people are tweeting from the AMC with the #AMC09 — you may find fascinating new people to “follow” on Twitter via that tag.

(Also, just FYI, in addition to other tweets about media and politics, I have been regularly tweeting @jennpozner for several months about reality TV and sexism, racism, classism, hyperconsumerism, advertising and product placement, and more, with the hashtag #realitybitesback — and ONLY about reality TV with a second Twitter feed, @RealityTVBook. Those of you who are regular WIMN’s Voices readers know that I am working on a book about reality television, called Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth Behind Guilty Pleasure TV, and while researching and writing that book has meant that I haven’t had time to blog much about that lately, if you’re interested in the topic I hope you’ll come find me on Twitter.

Now, back to the conference!

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