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WIMN in the media

varreolas Icon Posted by Veronica Arreola

August 7th, 2009

Happy Friday everyone!

If you haven’t picked up the current issue of Ms. magazine you are missing out on a great article, summarized online, on mom blogs that includes me. And yes, that’s my mug on page 3 too. I’m so proud to have been included in the article because it sheds a rare light on political mom blogs or us mom bloggers who don’t just write about our kids and product reviews (both of which I have done as well).

Monday, August 10, 2009 I’ll be a guest of Diego Mulligan’s “The Journey Home” radio show to talk about mom blogging, political mom blogging and I’ll definitely suggest people pick up the copy of Ms. And yes, you can listen live! I’m scheduled for 6:45 pm Chicago time, which is 7:45 pm Eastern. It’s a quick segment, so I don’t know if we will take calls, but if you can, call up and say hi.

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