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Want feminist news and public affairs programming? Support GRITtv.

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May 24th, 2010

As long-time WIMN’s Voices readers know, GRITtv, hosted by journalist (and WIMN’s Voices contributor) Laura Flanders, is one of the most important news and public affairs programs produced in the United States, providing us with critical perspectives we can’t find anywhere else on television.

I don’t usually blog fundraising pitches on behalf of non-profits other than Women In Media & News, the host of this blog, but I’m making an exception today because as a one-of-a-kind independent media operation, GRITtv needs our help — more on how you can below — to continue bringing us cutting-edge journalism that takes women’s voices, perspectives and lives seriously. As just one example, you may remember that in the immediate aftermath of the 2009 murder of Dr. George Tiller, GRITtv was among the first (if not the first) broadcast outlets to report his execution as connected to a decades-long history of anti-abortion terrorism. In a discussion between Flanders, myself, Lynn Paltrow and Sunsara Taylor, the segment noted that journalists had a choice: accurately identify the true context of this crime, or become complicit in a media culture that has refused to report the nature, function and costs of this form of domestic terrorism, thereby contributing to conditions that allow such crimes to continue:

The range and diversity of women’s expertise on politics, culture and art found on GRITtv is unparalleled in the TV landscape. Where else can you watch:

Radio journalist and blogger Farai Chideya on the importance of citizen journalism and new media tools such as Wikipedia in the face of corporate media that fail to adequately investigate the accidental shooting death of a seven-year-old black girl, Aiyana Jones, by police:

Ellen Bravo of the Multi State Working Families Consortium and Sylvia Herrera, organizer with Puente Arizona, placing Arizona’s recent immigration battles in the context of “Feminists Against Apartheid“:

Bhairavi Desai, Executive Director of the Taxi Workers Alliance, evaluating President Obama’s stimulus plan and health reform efforts in relation to the economic realities on the ground for one of the most insecure fields in the private sector, the taxi business:

Amalia Deloney of the Center for Media Justice and Tim Karr of Free Press on the ComCast v. FCC ruling, the implications for the future of an open internet, and ways concerned citizens can take action for net neutrality:

…and video commentaries by Ariel Dougherty of the Media Equity Collaborative on feminist activist history via media, Share This! author Deanna Zandt on the role of new media technology and social networking in humanitarian efforts such as the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake, and many others.

Now, as mentioned above, is where you decide that critical, challenging, diverse news and public affairs programming is so important that you couldn’t do without it. Because that’s the reality: indy media projects such as GRITtv face regular financial struggles, and can’t operate without our support.

Here’s the good news: right now, every $1 dollar you give to GRITtv is worth $3. GRITtv has been offered not one but two challenge grants with $100,000 each. This means that if they can raise $100,000 in donations by June 30, they will earn an additional $200,000!

There’s a catch, though — if they can’t raise the whole $100,000, they’ll lose those matching funds–money that will be instrumental in their ability to continue to bring us news we can’t find anywhere else. They’ve already raised $78,000, but they only have 44 more days to collect $22K… or lose all the matching funds.

So, take the GRITtv Challenge: support independent feminist television today, and every dollar you contribute will pack a triple punch. You can donate online or find mailing address info at GRITtv.org.

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