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The Summer of Feminista

varreolas Icon Posted by Veronica Arreola

July 6th, 2010

In June I was asked to be on a panel entitled, “Influential Voices.” Yes, this still embarrasses me! Me? Influential? But as I sat there and was asked what I thought I was bringing to the conversation online by blogging, it hit me…hard. “I bring a Latina voice. A unique Latina voice to every conversation.” To feminism. To motherhood. Hell, to every conversation. On Sunday, Candy Crowley asked Julie Mason and Congressman John Boccieri whether or not Hispanics were satisfied with President Obama’s immigration speech.

Where were Latino pundits? Hispanic elected officials to respond to the President’s speech? Because from the Latino pundits I heard from, we were very unimpressed.

And that’s just it. I am influential for merely speaking up. Same goes for you.

With that in mind, I am inviting the WIMN community to join in the Summer of Feminista. I am asking Latinas who identify and don’t identify as feminists to write about feminism. I’ll post them to my blog and we’ll discuss. I’ve heard from many Latinas who have conflicting opinions about feminism, how feminism is portrayed in the media and they need a place to wrestle with those ideas. Some want to speak publicly, some are business owners and don’t want to offend their usual readers and will post anonymously. Some will write from an academic point of view, others will write from their personal experiences.

There’s a lot “out there” about Latinas and our view of feminism or rejection of feminism. I say it’s more complex. What do you say?

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