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Eco-Sexism Strikes Again

mspencers Icon Posted by Miranda Spencer

January 28th, 2011

New “green” garments seem to target Ally McBeal


The Popularization Bias: Even Imaginary New Studies are OK If They Are Sexist

echidneofthesnakess Icon Posted by Echidne of the Snakes

January 5th, 2011

I also found a BBC reference to this same piece of news. Its summary:

According to a new study more women are are marrying for money than did in the 1940s.

The author of the report, Dr Catherine Hakim, tells BBC Radio 5 live “there is this myth that women invariably choose to have a relationship of total equality”.

Speaking to Victoria Derbyshire, Dr Hakim continues: “More and more women are choosing to marry men who are substantially better educated than them, and therefore have higher earnings capacity.”

By then I was truly excited about this new research, for all sorts of reasons, and not the least because close to 100 percent of well-educated men in the 1940s had to be marrying “down”, given the gender percentages then prevailing in institutions of higher education. That, in turn must mean that loads more highly educated men are NOT marrying “down” today which, based on Hakim’s arguments, means that men are seeking a more egalitarian relationship than in the past!

Or something like that. It’s as good as Hakim’s arguments, in any case, given that adding-up problem: If a country is fairly egalitarian in education, how can “more and more” women marry “up” compared to, say, 1940s?

But I digress from the purpose of this post which is to tell you that after carefully reading through Hakim’s report, I found no new study. She links to her year book published in 2000 and to a Polish paper from 2007 which is unavailable through Google. But no new study. Where did the BBC get that from?