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Announcing the 2008 AAAFFFA

amoores Icon Posted by Anne Elizabeth Moore

April 22nd, 2008

I occasionally grow tired of theorizing about corporate culture and cataloguing its public if hilarious malfeasances committed in the name of publicity—I mean,who reads that stuff?—and so, on Thursday, April 17, I started a new project with the Anti-Advertising Agency’s Steve Lambert called the Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom. It’s a not-for-profit charitable arm of the organization, designed to oust advertising, marketing, and PR creatives from their careers. By offering them cash, a big party, and a giant, novelty check.

The 2008 Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom Award (AAAFFFA) aims to respond to the increasing commercialization of public space, human relationships, journalism and art by decreasing the number of individuals working in industries that directly support these goals.

We set up the fund ourselves, which believe me, is no mean feat on an income of around zero dollars. As artists ourselves, funding such an endeavor wasn’t a financially rational decision. And this is part of the point: the AAAFFF hopes to inspire others to behave in a similarly financially irrational manner—for the common good.

And you know what? The donations have already started rolling in.

Read more at the Anti-Advertising Agency.

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