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Live Blogging NCMR 2008: Organizing for Change on the Social Web

smitchells Icon Posted by Shireen Mitchell

June 7th, 2008

Fellow tech guru Deanna Zandt opens up with asking questions about who in the room has a blog, who uses social bookmarks, networks and other social media tools.

Ruby Sinreich, lotusmedia.org discusses social networks by sharing pictures of her family, friends, husband and links to she and her husband with John Edwards. If you want to see more about what she discussed go see it here.

Harry Potter Alliance, Andrew Slack uses forms of descriptions of the real live that are reflected in Harry Potter Books. TheVoldemedia are musicians that are fighting big media. They also participated in getting the word out about Darfur.

Chris Rabb, AfroNetizen, asked people to go to page 36 and correct his name. As a genealogist and the heritage of having one of the first African American Newspapers passed down to him and his family. A newspaper that was once a cause to be lynched if anyone was caught with it. His social capital (family) in social media would be considered digital capital and that is what makes the difference online. Although, some of us have the privilege of this social network through access to these technologies that we must not forget those that don’t have that access to this digital capital.

Deanna Zandt, asks what has been tangible social change with these social networking tools and new technologies. Some examples have been given including DarFur, Save The Internet, and Jena 6.

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