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TONIGHT, 8pm EST: GRIT TV with Laura Flanders on Murder of Dr. George Tiller, with WIMN’s Jennifer L. Pozner (VIDEO HERE)

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June 1st, 2009

Quick hit: If you have Free Speech TV, tune in to Grit TV with Laura Flanders tonight at 8pmEST for a more in-depth discussion of the murder of Dr. George Tiller than you’ll find in most media accounts. Or, watch the segment here:

The segment — titled “What Should Change in Wake of Tiller Murder?” — featured Lynn Paltrow, Founder and Executive Director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, Sunsara Taylor, a writer for Revolution Newspaper, and me, representing WIMN. In the immediate aftermath of the eighth abortion provider murdered since 1977, Flanders asks: “Will the media rehearse the same old arguments, and how will pro-choice organizations respond?”

Yesterday, I wrotethat:

Journalism plays a crucial role in helping citizens more fully understand the events that affect our communities locally, nationally and internationally. By failing to report decades worth of anti-abortion violence and intimidation — and by refusing to clearly name such acts as domestic terrorism — U.S. media have let us down. Worse, by choosing not to place each of these acts within the context of a systemic political movement, U.S. media have become complicit in allowing a culture of politically-motivated violence and intimidation to thrive.

To put it plainly, this historical whitewashing of anti-abortion terrorism has given cover to those who have employed routine violence to intimidate women and health care providers, influence individual behavior and affect policy. Meaning: by willfully ignoring this well-documented, long-term domestic terrorism movement, American media are, at least somewhat, complicit in the death of Dr. George Tiller.

Women In Media & News encourages all journalists and news analysts covering George Tiller’s murder to place this crime in its proper political context. Anything else leaves other health care providers at risk.

On behalf of WIMN, I want to thank Laura Flanders for putting together a show today that does treat the politically-motivated execution of Doctor Tiller with the seriousness and depth the subject deserves.

If you haven’t read yesterday’s reprint of my 2006 op-ed, “The terrorists who aren’t in the news
Anti-abortion fanatics spread fear by bombings, murders and assaults, but the media take little notice,”
see that post for detailed statistics about anti-abortion violence, as well as a history of both anti-abortion terrorism in the United States and U.S. media’s (generally poor) coverage of these crimes.

Again, Women In Media & News encourages journalists to help Americans understand this crime, so that we might prevent the scourge of further violence and lawlessness.

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