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WIMN’s Voices bloggers are “Really Hot”

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

August 11th, 2006

Hot off the presses, there’s a new “hot list” for those of us who believe that smart is sexy, political engagement is exciting, and young women should be valued as more than thong-presentation devices.

“The Real Hot 100″ — a project created by Girls In Government, Feministing.com and other young women’s empowerment groups — is honoring one hundred young women from across the country who are “breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes, and making a difference in their communities or the nation.”

I have to say, while a MacArthur grant might be more lucrative, I couldn’t be more tickled by any award than I am at being selected as one of “The Real Hot 100,” which values women for what really matters: our intelligence, our commitment to social change, and our ability to live lives of deep meaning. The creativity, inventiveness and breadth of this feminist response to negative media representations of women is fabulous — almost as fabulous as the many women honored by the list (if I do say so myself).

I’m also pleased to note that several WIMN’s Voices bloggers are officially “Real Hotties,” including Mikhaela Reid (our blogger on women, media and cartooning) for breaking ground in political cartooning, Anne Elizabeth Moore (our blogger on women, media and girls and queer youth) for her numerous roles in the independent press and alternative publishing worlds, and yours truly, for founding Women In Media & News, the national media analysis, education and advocacy group that hosts this group blog.

You need to check out this project if you’ve ever:

  • wanted to reverse-airbrush the pores back onto Jessica Simpson’s face or the conspicuously flattened flesh back onto Tyra Banks’ booty after glancing at one of People’s “50 Most Beautiful People” lists…
  • grumbled about the parade of stupid-is-sexy vapidity honored as the epitome of femininity in Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list and all those other ubiquitous entertainment rags and fluff infotainment programs praising the “perfect” bods of airbrushed, airbrained actresses, models and celebutaunts…
  • wished that news media would stop writing obituaries for feminism every other year and start recognizing the powerful, provocative, passionate and politically revolutionary work young women are doing to improve their communities in particular and the country at large.
  • In addition to events this weekend including an awards brunch, a “Really Hot” party and an art exhibit, the “REAL Hot 100″ project will publish their list in print form, complete with honorees’ biographies, as an antidote to the release of Maxim’s annual babes-in-bikinis “Hot 100″ list.

    Congratulations to all the winners of “The Real Hot 100” — and to the project’s organizers for creating a space to laud the leadership of those of us who are not only overlooked by lad mags like Maxim (who consider Eva Longoria’s dental-floss-clad bod important enough to enlarge so you can see it from space) but, perhaps more importantly, are equally invisible in mainstream news media discussions about the supposed apathy, disengagement and shallowness of supposedly “post-feminist” Gen X and Gen Y women.


    If you’re in the NY area, tickets are still available for the awards brunch and the “Real Hot” DJ party. Press passes are available for journalists; if you’re a member of the media, show up on Saturday and have your pick of articulate, savvy sources for your stories.

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