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WIMN Event 2/12: Reproductive Wrongs - Exposing Media Misinformation about Abortion, Family Planning and Clinic Violence

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

February 5th, 2007

If those of you among our 47,775 readers (in January alone!) live in Massachusetts, I’d love to see you next Monday, Feb. 12, at a multimedia presentation I’m conducting at Stonehill College in Easton, MA, titled:

“Reproductive Wrongs: Exposing Media Misinformation About Abortion, Family Planning and Clinic Violence”

Have you ever wondered why:

  • …On Sept. 11, 2006, the fifth anniversary of the terror attacks that devastated our nation, a man crashed his car into an Iowa women’s health clinic he mistakenly believed performed abortions, attempting to blow it up and kill himself in the fire–yet not one national newspaper, magazine or network newscast reported this latest act of terrorism in America?
  • …After more than a million women stormed Washington during the March for Women’s Lives in April, 2004, American media undercounted their numbers, denigrated their impact, and used the event as an excuse to run “balance” pieces about the comparatively tiny handful of anti-choice counter-protesters?
  • …When George W. Bush signed the Global Gag Rule into law as his first act of office in January, 2001, endangering the health and free speech of women from Albania to Zimbabwe, a front page New York Times story misled the public by uncritically repeating Bush’s false claim that the law would simply prevent U.S. funds from financing foreign abortions — even though not one U.S. dollar had been spent on overseas abortions since 1973?
  • …Media frame hot-button issues such as so-called “partial birth abortion” almost entirely through a conservative, anti-abortion activist lens, even though the term does not actually refer to any known medical procedure and is, instead, a political construct?

Media coverage of reproductive justice issues informs what the public believes is true about family planning, sex education, low-income women’s access to health care, anti-abortion legislation, clinic violence and more. Yet all too often, our most influential media outlets play political football with these issues, reporting their impact on politicians’ position in opinion polls, rather than on the women and girls whose lives they most affect.

If you’re going to be in or near Easton, MA on Monday evening, come join me as I deconstruct media misinformation about reproductive justice issues, and learn how you can begin to challenge sexism and bias in the press.

When: Monday, Feb. 12, 6:30 PM
Where: Stonehill College, Martin Institute Auditorium, 320 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02357. (Directions to campus.)
Logistics: Free and open to the public; wheelchair accessible; free parking in Lot 11 behind the Sports Complex.

A note to students, faculty and staff of U.S. and Canadian schools:

If you’re interested in bringing this multimedia presentation (or one of any number of other lectures and multimedia talks) to your college or high school campus, or to your community group, please contact Women In Media & News directly via our online form, or email info[at]wimnonline.org

Other topics in our multimedia lecture series include:

Additionally, if you’d like to organize a skills-building media training for your organization or campus group, please contact Women In Media & News directly via our online form, or email info[at]wimnonline.org — media trainings can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Some dates are still available in March for Women’s History Month events, as well as April and May - contact WIMN today!

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