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WIMN debates Heritage Foundation and Independent Women’s Forum on PBS’s To The Contrary on Saturday, Feb. 10

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

February 9th, 2007

It was bound to happen: after debunking Heritage Foundation and Independent Women’s Forum media misrepresentations, factual inaccuracies and anti-feminist bias for the last decade, yesterday I debated representatives of both of those organizations on PBS’s all-female debate show, To The Contrary.

Panelists were:
– Me (Jennifer L. Pozner, Executive Director Women In Media & News)
– Michelle Bernard, President and CEO, Independent Women’s Forum
– Genevieve Wood, Heritage Foundation
– Democratic Commentator Irene Natividad

The topics were:
A. Whether or not we should make HPV vaccinations mandatory for 6th grade girls;

B. Black women and political leadership, pegged to an interview with freshwoman representative Evette Clarke (D-NY), and whether or not the Bush administration has been good for Black women;

C. “Office romance” - should companies have policies against workplace dating - pegged to the story about the NASA astronaut attacking a fellow female astronaut.

AND, available online now (scroll down to “Take Back the Date” segment): a “web-only” extra debate about the conservative anti-feminist Independent Women’s Forum’s “Take Back the Date” program that calls Eve Ensler-founded “V-Day” anti-violence against women programs “male bashing,” and aims to promote “chivalry” on campus. (My response - I’m paraphrasing from memory: “Anti-violence against women programs are not anti-male. That’s a straw feminist argument I don’t appreciate. No one needs to be told it’s OK to date on Valentine’s Day - Hallmark and Whitman’s Chocolates have beaten the IWF to that message. As for chivalry, I know that I always appreciate when a guy holds the door open for me before he slips me a roofie…”)

Check your local listing for show times.

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