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My “West Wing”-esque walk-and-talk moment with John Edwards

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

August 6th, 2007

Still on the road with spotty email access, so haven’t been able to write up the full, detailed post I promised the other day about my conversation about media consolidation with Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards at the YearlyKos convention. During this walk-and-talk (how “West Wing” is this photo, by the way?), I asked him to discuss media consolidation as a non-partisan issue, to broaden out his discussion beyond simply talking about Rupert Murdoch, and instead to come out with a plan to reverse the Telecommunications Act of 1996. (This was a fluke that I was even able to get time with him — it wasn’t a pre-planned interview.) I’ll have more on this when I have more reliable email access, but for now, here’s a photo I didn’t know was taken — I hadn’t even realized there was a photographer present.

Jennifer Pozner's "West Wing"-esque walk-and-talk moment with John Edwards

Photo by Rachel Feierman.

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