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WIMN weighs in on Hillary Clinton campaign coverage on TV and radio Wed and Thurs [updated]

jpozners Icon Posted by Jennifer L Pozner

January 9th, 2008

[UPDATE: Please note, due to an unavoidable logistical error, my appearance on the radio segment below had to be postponed. Apologies. However, video from the “4 Corners” Press TV segment mentioned below is now available - jump to 26 minutes into the segment. ]

From pundits and op-ed writers to cable news anchors to indy bloggers, everyone has been talking about Hillary Clinton’s “tear heard ’round the world.” But what’s being lost in this barrage of double-standard-rich campaign coverage?

What are the stereotypes being put on parade about women’s leadership, and how are these media biases distracting from the real journalistic information we need as voters to determine who we believe would most effectively represent our interests in Washington? (For example, rather than focusing on what Hillary Clinton’s tear ducts reveal about her potential Oval Office fitness, wouldn’t we all be better served if journalists and pundits were to give at least as much scrutiny to the question of whether or not Clinton’s campaign rhetoric matches her legislative record?)

MEDIA APPEARANCE: I discussed some of these issues this afternoon on “Four Corners,” a program on Press TV (video should be available tomorrow) .

In addition, I will be discussing them in more depth tomorrow, Thursday morning, on The Morning Review,” the drive-time show on KPFK (Pacifica) Radio, 90.7FM. Hosted by Eisha Mason, “The Morning Review” can also be heard live via KPFK’s website, for those of you not in California who might want to catch the interview. The segment on campaign coverage of Clinton – and what substantive policy issues (economic justice? ccorporate welfare? civil rights? reproductive freedom? environmental protections? anyone…? anyone…?) are getting lost along the way — will air at 7:40am Pacific time, 10:40am Eastern.

If you have thoughts, questions or feedback about this topic, feel free to share them in the comments below.

PS: I’ve written about sexist coverage of female politicians for years, and it’s getting so tiring. Very little changes. I also do a multimedia presentation on the college lecture circuit titled, “Condoleezza Rice is a Size Six, and Other Useless Things I Learned from the News… Challenging Media Misrepresentations of Women” — if you are based at a college, university or high school and would be interested in sponsoring a speaking event to raise questions about the impact of media coverage on female politicians — and on the body politic at large — feel free to contact WIMN about organizing a lecture at your school.

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