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Now that’s “Entertainment”?

November 3rd, 2007

Fresh on the heels of Reuters’ continued failure of journalistic ethics (as WIMN’s Voices’ own Melissa McEwan describes here, the wire service yet again placed two stories about rape in their “Oddly Enough” section), comes another glaring example for our “Miscategorized News” files, this time from United Press International.
On November 1, UPI reported that […]

BlogHer question of the day: WIMN asks Elizabeth Edwards about media policy reform

July 29th, 2007

In the coming days, I’ll likely be writing a bit more about much of what unfolded at BlogHer07, the conference for women who blog (during our WAM conference session on feminist blogging, Deanna Zandt made an astute suggestion about avoiding self-marginalization in language, and ever since I prefer to use “women who blog” rather than […]

In literature and media, women still marginalized

April 14th, 2007

By Guest Blogger Anna Clark
The implication by Waterstone’s, the huge British bookstore chain, is that men write better than women.
According to The Telegraph:
“(Waterstone’s) asked its 5,000 employees to name their favourite five books written since 1982, when Waterstone’s opened its first store. The resulting list of the top 100 favourites is dominated by male […]

Amanda Marcotte: What I Learned About Dirty Pool from The Right, the Media, and the Edwards Campaign

February 17th, 2007

By Guest Blogger Amanda Marcotte
You know you’re doing something right when the right wing noise machine
paints a target on your back. Having spent two weeks getting harassed
and hounded by right wing nuts intent on separating me from my job with
the John Edwards campaign, returning to this thought — that I must be
doing something right […]

Media ignore Catholic League’s bigotry; harassed feminist bloggers pay the price

February 15th, 2007

By Guest Blogger Tedra Osell
More and more, what happens online, in the world of blogs, spills over into newspapers and National Public Radio: the “mainstream media,” as traditional news sources have come to be known. Example: the recent blog dustup over John Edward’s hiring–then firing, then rehiring, then accepting the resignations of–two women to […]